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  Wedding in Hot Air Balloon  


Wedding in Hot Air Balloon

Westerners have been known to make a special statement when it comes to weddings. Underwater weddings, weddings aboard an airplane, weddings on top of mountains and weddings in hot air balloons add a zany zest to an otherwise traditional ceremony. If you would like to wed in a hot air balloon, let us know. Even Indian wedding ceremonies are possible aboard a specially prepared platform attached to a hot air balloon. Soar the skies and look down upon the world with a bird’s eye view while you perform the sacred rites that will bind you together for life in the presence of select family and friends. From lift off to touch down, we manage everything so that you get hitched without a single hiccup. It is an exhilarating, exciting way to wed and we make sure you do it with lots of fun and enjoyment without the slightest fear of safety. 

Rainbow Theme Birthday Party

We are living a busy and hurried life in the world of today, we should have a good theme parties. Theme parties, lively and upbeat to keep people interested. Theme party theme we should keep an attractive one. It is among your guests fun, pleasure and makes conversation. A rainbow theme colors around monsoon welcome you to enjoy and a great party idea partyis.


• Only the seven colors of the rainbow as an arch-shaped entrance with banners decorate the balloon.

• Also the party with balloons hanging down in a line, whether indoor or outdoor decorating the entire area.

• Cut a fascinating multi-colored craft papers, colored paper and make wire hanging from the ceiling and walls.

• The hall should look a vibrant rainbow colors of the rainbow table mats party hall with tables arranged in an arch shape.

• Blow up balloons rainbow colors for children to play and leave them on the ground.

• Tie balloons in the shape of a wreath and hang them in the corner of the room

• Use white roses rainbow colors with silk or real flowers to decorate flower pots, sunflowers, etc.

• Select a rainbow made paper plate and napkin for party

Dress Code

• Ideal dress up or a colorful motley scraf any organization or a plain skirt / jeans would.

• Do not stick to just dress it up with colored stones as well as multicolor paint nails, shoes or jewelery can be multicolor.

• Make crown beautiful rainbow made of decorative paper for men, women and rainbow colored pasta necklaces or bracelets candy necklaces, rings, hair clips, rubber bands Rainbow for children to wear during the party

Food Ideas

• Rainbow Fruit plate with strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, cherries, etc.

• Rainbow colored cupcakes, pancakes, pudding

• All types of rainbow colored drinks

Pepperoni, cheese, pineapple, green, red pepper, and onion pizza with a topping of rainbow •.


• Rainbow Music instead of musical chairs - chair rather large rainbow-colored chart papers on the floor and place the cut in a row. Check out more about the game here.

• the singing competition. Name of song lyrics with any color.

• Hard boiled eggs to the children and ask them to paint them in rainbow order.

• The writing contest. Right in a minute and type the name of rainbow colors in reverse order.

• Seven-colored gems in a bowl and mix with chopsticks in one minute using a different player ask gems of the same color.

• strawberries, oranges, grapes, blueberries, bananas, fruit etc. All of rainbow colors rainbow organize and arrange them on a plate in order to ask their guests.

• different color clay toys, like drawing that includes all the colors of the rainbow, keep all children engaged in creative work.

• Rainbow Beads

Return Gifts

• crayons, rainbow candy, markers, bubbles, balloons, filled with rainbow bags and bracelets.

• Rainbow cupcakes or cake pan with a bag wrapped in beautiful ribbons.

• LED candles, rainbow colors, rainbow color changing coffee mug.


Music Rain Bow Party Games

Essential Things

• Chart papers of all colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) color

Such as white, gray, pink color chart papers etc. • Non rainbow of colors

• One pair of scissors

How to Play

• Non rainbow rainbow color chart papers and cut out large cloud shape.

• Place the chart paper in rainbow colors and a large circle on the floor in the middle to keep the non-rainbow color chart papers.

• Play music and ask people to move around the circle.

As the music stops

•, they move on rainbow-colored clouds. Anyone on non rainbow-colored clouds move, he / she is out.


Whoever stays up until the end is the winner.


Under Sea Theme Birthday Party

WoW-themed Under the sea theme birthday party, beach party or an ocean full of wonderful underwater creatures under the sea floor is home for decoration. To the deepest depths of the ocean blue sea party decorations that will bring your guests to a world Mix and match from our wide selection below. Our assortment of party supplies by sea under the banner of the deep sea, fish and whale-shaped balloons, plus dark blue as the sea water samples diluted as the party and its all completely free samples Sea Apartments paper, the external wall decoration


Sea to Sea under Theme Party Ideas


Under the sea party theme are endless opportunities together. Under the Sea Party Supplies with our lively fun, floating ocean adventure experience. Leisure and party supplies at discount prices at home under the sea through our excellent selection enjoy swimming. This fun and versatile pattern to coordinate with our solid color party exclusive decoration offer. are easy to enjoy the brilliant colors. Turtle shells and fish and coral creates a variety of colorful marine life, our boys, girls, and suitable for all ages Party Supplies Under the Sea. With representation of all the marine life around it to create his own party favorite mess will be easier to focus on. A delightful dolphin party, a scary shark party, or even a silly sea turtle bash. Take a moment to check out our order of merit on the ocean decorations, party favors, and table ware, as well as our  exclusive decoration offer.

Star Theme Birthday Party

Star Party Theme Ideas

• A star-studded Hollywood party balloon drop, accented with a star or celebrity red carpet at the star party walk down 

• Supplied with a cool star party, create evening beach party. Pronounced dark background with star party decorations.

• Big Apple to bring to your city theme party supplies party, among other cities, add star centerpiece table decorations.

• For a star themed BIRTHDAY party colors in one of his star 5 "star Fill the balloon with balloon drop nets.

• Go purple star decoration! Purple and silver star table centerpieces purple curtains on the walls, and purple star Use Mylar balloons.

• The centerpiece and star confetti our star shining star theme as many options as tabletop decorations, check for the star party supplies.

• Star and moon arch wire size and a birthday star theme party the right to use the photo setting is a beautiful shape. Diluted to match the background of the setting loosely based on the sides of the arch wrap in puff.

 Place the red white and blue table at the table expecting Caesar topped with stars and a patriotic star to help carry the side covers.

• Great party theme can be changed at any of the parties Stary nights.


Star Balloons

A large balloon with star-shaped balloon frame with stars and star balloons.Create fill out all together in his  celebration.Go Silver Star balloons and latex balloons in star clusters of balloons with your favorite color.Bunch a celestial star balloons balloon arch to secure their proper place and use your star theme party star balloon weight.

Star Party Tips

Star hanging decoration to add shimmer and shine for birthday parties. But this is only the beginning. With a star-shaped LED light, nature Focus on your table. Again, it's all about the guests. Mini top hat on table settings or leis and your guests to wear them Boas as the star items more quickly can help to bring the atmosphere of the evening. Direct your guests as they arrive for the right to give these items. This is something that they can use for the evening will help to break the ice. Star Party Tips

Gear for a night of glamor and making sure with their closest friends and their secret inner selves. For an all out to dress up as their favorite Bollywood star invite all your friends, no holds barred luxury night with the stars. At some point during the evening, your grace --- or --- hilarious acceptance speech to give time to present awards to the stars. Hunger on hand to meet guests have snacks like popcorn. "Red carpet," or take pictures in front of a background star party.

Star hanging decoration

Take your party to new heights Star Hanging Decoration

Star hanging decoration pair them with any of the star balloons add a whimsical look, and guests will be charmed. Wall decorations add a new dimension of fun for entertainment.

Star background lights up any party -Star Party background to fit the theme of your party room that can be used to replace Party supplies are versatile. When you use our patterned paper they are quick, easy, and are cheaper!

Decorate with star party banner

Welcoming guests to your star theme party banner Use personal story. Our custom banners, heavy-duty, weather resistant printed on vinyl and are personalized with your custom wording. Custom Star Party Banner


• Celestial dreams banner is great for hanging on the door. You can add custom banners to your photos or you can use our Build-A banner to create your own unique design!

• Use customized memories banner with stars such as some areas during your party guests to direct individual star banner.

• The star party or individual to promote the prom with star banner.

Alice in Wonderland party ideas

You have your very own Mad Hatter Tea Party with your friends're planning? Celebrate your Unbirthday? Or are you playing Croquet in the backyard?

On this page you what to eat and drink, your Alice in Wonderland theme party decorating, and what games to play with your guests can find many ideas about how.

An Alice in Wonderland theme of these tips are great for weddings, sweet sixteen birthday, baby shower, or other parties.

Party Invitations:

• Fish Footman come from your invitation, addressed 'to the Queen. An invitation from the Queen to play croquet. "

• Like the White Rabbit, do not be late for a very important date Tell your guests

• Ask them to meet you in Wonderland

• (...) please Your Majesty, I will start from where "directions" for the way I have you (...) should go from here, please tell me, "and the like, some famous quotes from books use the "invitation to start

• An invitation envelope with a playing card with teabag,, or put other stuff

• A playing card, tea bag, teapot or tea cup-like shape of your invitation. Or create a top hat, and a party with a card containing details 10/6 card space.


• (a flower planter) with something like the big ones, etc. Combine normal size teacups teapots, mismatched teacups and saucers, chandeliers, a long table covered with all different kinds of set-ups, and some smaller ones well (like those from a dollhouse tea set). Use a colorful tablecloth. People will sit at different heights, so that around the table 'weird' is an assortment of chairs. For the guests, keep the big chair at the head of the table.

• Keep several colorful patio umbrellas or beach umbrellas. Outside and / or inside the crepe paper / fabric pieces with dots decorate them so that they resemble mushrooms. Set them at different heights and orientations of some of them.

• Trees and bushes on the roof or on the Hang colorful paper lanterns tie wire.

• teapots Hide a stuffed toy representing the Dormouse in one.

• Like little golden keys and keyholes table scatter around Alice in Wonderland related items

• The people have to go through the party entering into the rabbit hole, or glass, represents decorate your door. Or use a play tunnel.

• You can also decorate your door or just the door, the door to look like Disney's cartoon movie

• Etc. 'down' like this', 'that way', 'up', with a sign hanging Disney Tulgey like wood, paint on them.

• Tea Time at Put clocks in the room is locked.

• playing cards (normal size or really huge cards from cardboard), and a checkerboard-like pattern decorate the walls along with the floor. Somechess scatter the pieces around.

• Hang a Cheshire Cat plush (or just giggle) with a branch to the roof.

• Use lawn flamingos

• If you have a fireplace, mantelpiece put a large mirror. People can go through the looking glass or attach to a door. You do not need a huge mirror, made with aluminum foil

• rabbit paw tracks and your home and / or different paths leading through the garden, put on the floor

• To represent the pool of tears Put a children's swimming pool

• vulture heads and paste them on top of the umbrella. Hang the opened umbrella roof

• To create a rocking horse fly, a horse Add a feather

• Two different colored pencils taped together, and some fluffy fabric or colorful feathers on top of them by glueing Make mome chariots. Then, stick them in the grass.

• Buy rose bushes at a garden store and decorate them with white and red roses

• ingredients in a small doll house like a big Alice Doll

• tiger lilies, daisies, roses, violets, and Larkspur book like flowers, fill vases with

• Fill vases with white and red roses, and one or several brushes with red hide them

Alice in Wonderland Costume Ideas

A mad tea party, an Unbirthday party, or Alice in Wonderland costume party are invited to another type? Alice in Wonderland game you have been allocated a share?

This page allows you to dress up like a character from Alice in Wonderland costume ideas about how to give and lots of tips!

Decorations, food and are looking for ideas on love, full of Alice in Wonderland party ideas check out this page.

If you want to buy readymade clothes, go to Alice in Wonderland costumespage.

General ideas and suggestions

• The first choice you will need to decide what kind of organization. Theoriginal painting by John Tenniel are fond of you, or would you rather like the Disney cartoon film or the Tim Burton film, would dress up like a character from a movie? Tenniel Alice actually a yellow dress, wore a blue one, and she's a brunette, a blond! You're going to see Tim Burton, the right makeup is very important: if you face white, heavy eyeliner, lipstick and eyeshadow and lots of emphasis required.

• Decide on the character you want to be. You can be anyone of your choice, or reserved for the hostess 'Alice' are part of? You have a well-known character, or would you rather compete with someone else's risk, and the Queen, Dodo, a chess piece, Humpty Dumpty, walrus, carpenter, like one of the lesser known characters would not want to dress up like a flower , a flamingo, or even the Jabberwock?

• how you want to be the parent organizations 'true' decision. In most parties, you will not need to look exactly like the characters of Wonderland; So you can go for something fun like organization.

• Check your budget: You only stuff you can buy a complete outfit, or the organization will need to build from scratch? There are several easy Alice in Wonderland sewing patterns available.

• Consider the time of year and location of the party. You will be in the evening or summer, you should wear something that is not too hot. You always have a cute rabbit jumpsuit do not want to stuff yourself!

• This is a man, woman, or child is a dress? Children in a Cheshire Cat or White Rabbit costume can look very elegant. Woman in a long dress, or go for a short and sexy version. Many of the characters gender Wonderland (Cheshire Cat) is defined as both men and women can dress up as them. And why not have a crazy Hattress?

•, Accessorize accessorize, accessorize! If you drag a dress with the right items can be made more concrete.

Alice in Wonderland Costume Ideas:

With short sleeves, a basic blue (or yellow) dress •'ll do well. A white Pinafore you wear this tie in back. An apron sewn easily by yourself, or buy a cheap white kitchen apron can be.

• If you wear a petticoat under your dress will stand out well

• you do not have the right hair color or length, you can wear a wig for her to die

• In your hair black, white or blue bow tie, or wear a black diademe, with or without a bow made of lace sewn on

• White or black and white striped tights, striped hand warmers and Wear

• Wear a pair of black Mary Jane shoes. You buy cheap black ballet shoes and a black ribbon or elastic band across the top that you can create them by attaching

• You are about to play croquet, carrying around a plush flamingo. Or a plush white rabbit


Lalaloopsy Birthday Theme Party

A rollicking host,Festival hosts a rollicking rag doll! Together, dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, table covers, napkins and specialty printed with your favorite Lalaloopsy rag doll characters, party supplies, party with just the right amount of fun stitch. These dolls themed party supplies, no matter what the budget or party size, party favors and decorations come with a full assortment of Milan, and has something for everyone. Our affordable Lalaloopsy party decorations is a great starting point; This themed tableware, cutouts and hanging decorations, table decorations, balloons, party supplies including other will provide everything needed for 8. Still Looking for more Lalaloopsy party ideas? The other party favorite lunch pails add fun and party hats, tiaras and sunglasses, stickers and value packs are big jewelry - hand these out to keep the gang entertained for hours on end. So begin your shopping with Lalaloopsy party supplies, birthday, and it's really a dollable create an event to remember!


Candy Land  Theme Birthday Party- are our one of the latest theme of the town.Kids have lot of fun during activities  and   they  enjoy while eating lot of candy, from stalls.Being a birthday event company we also provide Chocolate Fountain,Candy Floss Mashine,Popcorns Along with Air Brush  Tattoo.